Are You Making the Folks Fat?

Maybe yes, Maybe no...People are fat because they eat too much and move to little!! FATNESS, Coronary Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Depression, Osteoporosis and even most cancers are the biggest killers in the world today. They can be prevented, cured or handled so much better when you are not fat and when you are fit and strong!! Do you know that your personal training course has taught you the right things? Read on to find out:

Exercise and strength-training makes you feel more energetic, improves self esteem and self confidence, gives you tight, firm, strong muscles and strong bones and you always feel better after an exercise session!! If you could put all of those things in a pill or in a drug form and a Doctor asked people to invest $20-$40 a week ($3-$5 a day-less than the cost of most coffees) in this amazing product-guaranteed to work-THEY WOULD BUY IT!! But most don’t exercise, they eat silly food and they are fat!!

So what went wrong? Exercise is the very best product in the world to prevent and cure fatness (and disease). It is simple and Soooo inexpensive but most folks-not even Doctors, not only don’t use it, they don’t want to use it!! Most people are scared of exercise and intimidated by the folks who do exercise or most who have used it and stopped do not recommend it to their friends???

And the people who do exercise, most are addicted and would never stop! They love it, they love the effects and benefits and they would never miss a work-out.



Mmmm-that may be the answer!! Yes, exercise is an addiction and like all of the other things humans get addicted to, we do not get addicted by starting with a large dose! Drug addicts start with a small amount, gamblers, shopaholics, smokers and alcoholics all become addicted with a small amount to start with. After the addiction kicks in, the amounts get larger and more and more is required to get the same feelings, without even realizing they need more. If a drug dealer gave a first-timer a large dose-it would kill them!! AH HA!!  As an International Fitness Professional, “A Dealer” of exercise prescriptions, you may need a large amount to get your ‘Fix’ but your new person needs to get started slowly or “Shortly”!!

A 60 minute group exercise class is a HUGE fix for a new person, a 20 minute run is a massive overdose for a person who hates running and an hour or even 30 minutes of Strength training is “Forever” for a person who does not, “Use” exercise!!

If you want your clients to start and not stop, start  them on a small dose than they will be able to handle!! A person asked to exercise for 20 minutes and wants to stop at 7 minutes feels like a loser and a failure!! A person asked to “Move” for 4-5 minutes (doing something they enjoy), instead of being asked to exercise, can do it!! When they do they will feel they have achieved and the greatest motivation for a person to continue their exercise program is a feeling of achievement. If they keep exercising regularly, they will get RESULTS!! And now comes the next greatest reason people continue to exercise-RESULTS!! No moving, no  results!!

As an International Fitness Professional, please design programs that are short, fast and effective and ones that your client will and can stick to!! When they are addicted, they can and will come to you for more!!



How to Eat Chocolate and Lose Weight!!

YUMMY –Do you have foods or drinks you love and you think you cannot have, shouldn’t have or feel guilty when you do have because you think it is a “Bad” food or because you think that food will make you fat??

What if there were no bad foods?


What if ALL foods were bad?

Without the emotional challenges that some foods give you; and being logical and with only common sense driving your thoughts about food,  both of the statements above are true in terms of fat loss/ weight loss or being healthy!!

One small piece of creamy, dreamy, superb quality chocolate that melts in your mouth and you eat it for pure pleasure-WILL NOT MAKE YOU FAT!! One glass of fine wine, savoured and enjoyed for the taste, will not make you fat either!! Not one food or a collection of ALL the, so called, ”bad foods”  are responsible for the fat folks our western world has become!! We just eat TOOOOO much of them!! A block of chocolate everyday and you may have weight challenges, a bottle of wine everyday and your body will be struggling to lose weight!!

Vegetables, oats, tuna, lean grilled chicken breasts, almonds-all the so called “good foods”, if you eat TOOOOO much of them, they will make you fat TOOOOO, regardless of how good they are for you!! And eat too much of any food and you can feel sick, bloated, “windy”, stuffed or uncomfortable!!

There are no bad or good foods, just the amount you eat them in!!

If we could all just put some logic back into our eating choices…

A couple of lollies for a sweetie enjoyment, no challenge!! 2kgs of lollies and you will feel sick and struggle to burn off all the sugar calories!!broccoli is a so called “Soooper food”. So try eating 2kgs of broccoli and see (and feel) what happens!! One glass of wine for pleasure –is pleasurable, 2 bottles and for most folks, you throw up, or feel like you want to and can’t operate as a human being for several hours if not a whole day!! AND you will struggle to burn off calories and the food you do eat (even if it is oats, tuna and lean meat), will not get burnt up because your body is too busy burning the alcohol-  your body has no storage tank for alcohol so it has to burn the alcohol and the other stuff will store!!

Stop blaming foods for being bad, stop blaming your “Genes” for making you fat-nobody sneaks into your house at night and forces food down your throat while you are sleeping!! If I am fat-I ate it!! Regardless of what I eat, if I eat too much, or too much at once, or too much for the amount I can move/ exercise/ burn off-I will be fat or find it very hard to lose weight or I will feel sick-all a challenge!! 

 Eat logically for pleasure and performance, move for fun and to feel fabulous, Smiles from Rowie xx

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